John Beck

John Beck lives and writes on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He received his BA from Washington College and his MA from SUNY Binghamton, both in literature. His work has previously been published by Turtle Ink Press, The Serotonin Project, and Red Fez. He is a baseball staff writer for, and runs a book review blog at

Denise Behrens

Denise Behrens is a perennial undergraduate at the University of Iowa. During a stint in Portland, Oregon, her work appeared in Portland State University’s Pathos magazine. Upon her return to Iowa, more work appeared in Little Village magazine, in both poem and article form. She also flirted with the short story form in an undergrad journal, The Aberrant Parade. Lately, she writes reviews and manages content from Her creative life of late includes syllabic poetic forms, perusing fancy culinary journals, and painting grotesque cakes.

Eric Lloyd Blix

Eric Lloyd Blix lives in Minneapolis. His stories do or soon will appear in Metazen, Necessary Fiction, Birkensnake, the Puritan, REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters, theNewerYork, and elsewhere. He is a candidate in the MFA program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he also teaches writing. He has a Twitter feed, @eric_blix.

Julia Bouwsma

Julia Bouwsma is a self-employed writer, editor, and farmer. Her poems and reviews have appeared in Colorado Review, Cutthroat, The Progressive, Sugar House Review, and Quay. An MFA recipient from Goddard College, she was recently awarded a fellowship from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Julia lives off-grid in the mountains of western Maine.

Mark Brenden

Mark Brenden is a young, South Dakotan writer.

Claire Burgess

Claire Burgess’s fiction has appeared in Third Coast, Hunger Mountain, Redivider, Annalemma, and PANK, and has recently been listed as notable in Best American Short Stories and Best American Nonrequired Reading. She is a founding editor of Nashville Review and received her MFA in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University. Originally from Alabama, Claire now lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and zero cats and is working on finishing a collection of short stories. You can find her online at

Valentina Cano

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time either writing or reading. Her works have appeared in Exercise Bowler, Blinking Cursor, Theory Train, Cartier Street Press, Berg Gasse 19, Precious Metals, A Handful of Dust, The Scarlet Sound, The Adroit Journal, Perceptions Literary Magazine, Welcome to Wherever, The Corner Club Press, Death Rattle, Danse Macabre, Subliminal Interiors, Generations Literary Journal, Super Poetry Highway, Stream Press, Stone Telling, Popshot, Golden Sparrow Literary Review, Rem Magazine, Structo, The 22 Magazine, The Black Fox Literary Magazine, Niteblade, Tuck Magazine, Ontologica, Congruent Spaces Magazine, Pipe Dream, Decades Review, Anatomy, Lowestof Chronicle, Muddy River Poetry Review, Lady Ink Magazine, White Masquerade Anthology and Perhaps I’m Wrong About the World. You can find her here:

Ashlee Cermak

Ashlee Cermak loves a good to-do list. She’s up to 66 push-ups—on the real—and regularly walks around town without a bra and everyone knows it. Let them look. When she’s not searching for missing clients in Wal-Marts across the metro area, she whips up delicious dishes for friends and drinks wine to feel fine. Favorite cheese: havarti. If she could be anyone else: Miles the cat.

James Cihlar

James Cihlar is the author of the poetry books Undoing (Little Pear Press, 2008), Rancho Nostalgia (Dream Horse Press, 2013) and the chapbook Metaphysical Bailout (Pudding House Press, 2010). His writing appears in American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, Lambda Literary Review, Smartish Pace, Court Green, Mary, and Forklift, Ohio. He teaches literature at the University of Minnesota and creative writing at Macalester College.

James Collector

James Collector is my real name. I make beats and arrange words. I live in San Francisco. I like mead. I’ll get around to publishing my booklet of joy poems “Word Stars Fruit” when I feel like it. Life is so good to be true and I’m honored to be in the WHOLE BEAST RAG. Really, I’m giddy about it. And yes, I’m going to eat that.

Amy Collier

Amy Collier once saw Fabio at an airport. Fabio is an Italian model who has appeared on many classic romance novels, such as Love Me with Fury, Lovestorm, and More Than a Feeling. He has been the spokesperson for The Geek Squad, OralB Sensitive Advantage Toothbrush, Nationwide Insurance, Versace, and the American Cancer Society. He is 6’3″ barefoot; usually in cowboy boots.

Eric L. Cummings

Eric L. Cummings pinballs between Prague (CZ) and Morgantown (WV/US). His poems have appeared in Watchword, New Calligraphy, nether, GRASP, and/or, VLAT and elsewhere. Currently he works as a croupiers in Las Vegas (NV/US). He collects postcards featuring cloudscapes.

Jon Dambacher

Jon Dambacher lives in Los Angeles, Ca. His published works of fiction are, “Gyratory Jabber,” “Sour Candies,” “A Strange, Sickly Beauty,” & a small book of poetry “Anchored Disorder” in collaboration with Cliff Weber. @Jon_Dambacher is on Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

Matthew Dexter

Like a nomadic Pericú, Matthew Dexter survives on a hunter-gatherer subsistence diet of grilled shrimp tacos, shrimp cocktails, smoked marlin, cold beer, and warm sunshine. He lives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory from 1986 to 2010. His books and chapbooks include Suckers, For the Birds, Longing for the Mother Tongue, Waltz of the Meatballs, Her Eyes, and Crow of Night.

AD Fischer

AD Fischer is 27 lives on a small farm in Livingston Montana with his friends goats and garden. AD spent the first part of his life wandering around loving puppet and drums in south Minneapolis Minnesota; but this week any thing could happen. AD has drama and suffering in his life and needs your support and prayers to be Reborn as a Phoenix.

Kristin Fitzsimmons

Kristin Fitzsimmons lives in Minneapolis where she’s an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota and member of the poetry collective OUR FLOW IS HARD.

J. Fossenbell

J. Fossenbell writes poems and other stuff. Her work has appeared in ILK Journal, Parabasis, Everyday Other Things, Cerise Press, Wazee Independent Journal, The Word magazine, and in translation in a handful of publications in Vietnam. She lives in Minneapolis, where she goes to MFA school at the University of Minnesota and is an editor for dislocate magazine.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox lives in Northeast Minneapolis where she co-directs, with John Colburn, the Center for Visionary Poetics. Coffee House Press published her book Because Why in 2006, and will release The First Flag in Spring 2013. She teaches writing and poetics, contributes to the multi-author arts and culture blog Montevidayo, and also serves as a doula. Recent work appears, or soon will, in Conduit, Action, Yes, Fence, We Are So Happy To Know Something, Poetry City USA Vol. 2, Spout, Altered Scale, Rain Taxi, LUNGFULL!, and others. She performs poetry rituals and other intersubjective actions in public and private spaces around the Twin Cities and beyond.

Sally Franson

Sally Franson is an MFA candidate and teacher at the University of Minnesota. Her work has appeared most recently in elimae and quantum poetry magazine.

Moneta Goldsmith

Moneta Goldsmith is a writer and performer whose works have appeared in Sparkle & Blink, Frank Matter, Under the Influence, and other publications. He eats mostly at regular mealtimes in front of his typewriter and, when he is not eating, he ruffles his feathers and preens for Satan.

Lauren Gordon

Some of Lauren’s recent work has appeared or is forthcoming with Poetry International, Inlandia Institute, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, Scapegoat Review, Verse WI, Sugared Water and has been anthologized in “Knocking at the Door” (Birch Bench Press 2010). Her MFA is in Poetry from New England College and her BA in English from University of Iowa.

Peter Milne Greiner

Peter Milne Greiner was born in Massachusetts and lives in Brooklyn. His poems and essays have appeared in Fence, OMNI Reboot, Leveler, Coldfront, Spiral Orb, Sound Literary Magazine, Poem Tiger, FAQNP, Diner Journal, Stone Telling, Exit Strata, You’re Beautiful, New York, Between: New Gay Poetry, and Here, We Cross, an anthology of queer and genderfluid poetry. He is an editor at The Operating System and DrunknSailor, and the author of the chapbook Glyph Test Site, a companion to the work of M. Mel Shimkovitz. In June of 2013 he sent a poem into space through the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley, California.

Daniel Hedges

Dan Hedges currently teaches English in the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board of Quebec.  He has also taught literature at Sedbergh School, and the Celtic International School. He has lived in various international locales, including Spain and Mexico. His poems and flash fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in The Monarch Review, Haggard and Halloo Publications, Wildflower Magazine, Mad Swirl, The Journal, Undertow Magazine, Poetic Diversity Quarterly, Wilderness House Literary Review, Blink Ink, The Kenning Journal, Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Inertia Magazine, Retort Magazine, Touch Poetry, Short-Fast-and-Deadly, The Maynard, Ditch Poetry, Crack the Spine Literary Journal, The Rusty Nail, Fortunates, Jones Avenue Quarterly, Coatlism Press, Greensilk Journal, Certain Circuits, The Camel Saloon, Literary Chaos, Subtopian Magazine, and others. His Ojibway name is Kakagiwe Biness.

Kevin Hedman

Kevin Hedman was born in St. Paul and now lives in Minneapolis. His stories have been published on-line at Paper Darts and in the print collection Decadent Selections (Skullduggery Press, 2011).

Joey Heinen

Joey Heinen wears many hats, though not literally since he has a small head that tends to look even smaller with things on it. Born into a fun but attention-seeking family, his first form of expression was the theater at the ripe age of five. Perhaps it was the boredom of growing up in St. Cloud that spurred a diverse set of interests and hobbies. In his 26 years, he has dabbled in music, photography, painting, writing, dance/performance art, Japanese, party-planning, museum studies, installation, drag, mix-taping, and mixology. His most recent epiphany is film, though he strives to be more productive to a society as a whole than to become a critical theorist. More than anything, he wants to go on a long, scenic drive with you. His spirit animal is a meerkat.

Jessica Huang

Jessica Huang writes plays cross-legged on the kitchen floor, often wearing one sock and chewing her cuticles. She and her laptop have survived higher education at the University of Missouri, a melodramatic stint in Phoenix and have now been writing together in assorted Minneapolis diners and bars for two years. You might have seen Jessica’s work (and on rare occasions, Jessica herself) onstage at The Playwrights’ Center, in the Red Eye Theater’s Works in Progress series, in Late Nite and CAP at Pillsbury House, at Pangea World Theater, in 2g’s Free Range Festival and coming soon to the Como Zoo. Jessica is a cofounder of the Unit Collective, a Many Voices Fellow at the Playwrights’ Center and a grant writer at Pangea World Theater.

Peycho Kanev

Peycho Kanev is the Editor-In-Chief of Kanev Books. His poems have appeared in more than 600 literary magazines, such as: Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Hawaii Review, The Monarch Review, The Coachella Review, Third Wednesday, Black Market Review, The Cleveland Review, In Posse Review, Mascara Literary Review and many others. Peycho Kanev is nominated for the Pushcart Award and Best of the Net. His poetry collection Bone Silence was released in September 2010 by Desperanto Publishing Group. A new collection of his poetry, titled Requiem for One Night, will be published by Desperanto Publishing Group in 2012.
Terence Kuch

Terence Kuch’s speculative fiction has appeared in paying markets including Dark Fiction Spotlight, Arct, Fusion Fragment, Niteblade (Canada), Noctober, Polluto (U.K.), Roar & Thunder (Australia), Sybil’s Garage, etc. His work has been featured in anthologies from Pill Hill, House of Horror (U.K.), Static Movement, and other publishers. He is on the editorial teams of Fickle Muses and Z-composition e-zines, and is Fiction Editor of The Again (U.K.).

His writings in literary and other genres have appeared in numerous periodicals including Commonweal, Diagram, Dissent, Foundling Review, New Scientist, New York magazine, North American Review, Slow Trains, Thema, Timber Creek Review, Washington Post Book World, and Washington Post Magazine. His work has been praised in the New York Times and by Kirkus Reviews.

His popular “microfiction” blog,, available for subscription on Amazon, has had more than 21,000 page views.

He lives in Pimmit Hills, Virginia, with his wife and several dissatisfied cats.

Coop Lee

Coop Lee has appeared in Specter Magazine, Atticus Review, and Side B Magazine, among other sweet spots. His hair is messy. His shoes are lost. His television has asparagus growing from it. You can find him living and writing in Boise, Idaho.

Diane Lefer

Diane Lefer offered a series of writing workshops over the summer to men in The Francisco Homes transitional housing and worked with former political prisoners and ex-combatants in Northern Ireland in the fall. Her recent books include the historical novel, The Fiery Alphabet; the crime novel, Nobody Wakes Up Pretty; and nonfiction, The Blessing Next to the Wound, co-authored with Colombian exile and torture survivor Hector Aristizabal.

Kirk Marshall
Kirk Marshall is a Brisbane-born writer and teacher living in Melbourne, Australia. He was a sessional academic / adjunct teacher in Creative Writing, English, Literature and Media (Film & T.V. Studies) at RMIT University for two years, and has held various teaching positions in Queensland, Victoria and Tokyo, Japan. He is the author of a fiction chapbook (A Brief Study of the Dissolute Properties of Comedy When You’re Propelled Off Your Speeding Motorcycle Into A Sharp Asphalt Road, And Your Name Is Takeshi Kitano) published by Dynatox Ministries; a novella (The Signatory) published by Skylight Press; a short-story collection (Carnivalesque, And: Other Stories) published by Black Rider Press; and an illustrated miscellany (A Solution to Economic Depression in Little Tokyo, 1953). He has written for more than eighty publications, both in Australia and overseas, including Word Riot (U.S.A.), 3:AM Magazine (France), Le Zaporogue (France/Denmark), (Short) Fiction Collective (U.S.A.), The Vein (U.S.A.), Danse Macabre (U.S.A.), WHOLE BEAST RAG (U.S.A.), Gone Lawn (U.S.A.), The Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review (U.S.A.), The Journal of Unlikely Entomology (U.S.A.) and Kizuna: Fiction for Japan (Japan). He edits Red Leaves, the English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal. He now suffers migraines in two languages.

Rupprecht Mayer

Rupprecht Mayer was born 1946 near Salzburg. After some 20 years living and working in Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai, he recently resettled in SE Bavaria. He translates Chinese literature and writes short prose and poetry in German and English.

Evan Morgan

There is an experience in everything. I wish to capture these experiences for all to read. My goal is great, and my progress small and insignificant. I want to be a poet. I’ll get there one day.

Adam Moorad

Adam Moorad is an amateur. He is the author of Oak Ridge (Turtleneck Press, 2012). He lives in Brooklyn. Visit him here:

Neila Mezynski

Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses and A Story (2013) from Scrambler Books, a pamphlet (Girls In Trees) from Greying Ghost Press, echapbooks from Radioactive Press (Yellow Fringe Dress) and Patasol Press (The Pure Girl) , chapbooks from Folded Word Press (Men Who Understand Girls, 2012), Nap Chapbook, (Floaters, 2012), Deadly Chaps Press (Dancers On Rock (2011), Warriors (2013), and Mudluscious Press (At the Beach 2011).

RC Miller & Gary Shipley

RC Miller lives in Metuchen, NJ. He is the author of Mask With Sausage (gobbet press), Pussy Guerilla Face Banana Fuck Nut (Les Editions Du Zaporogue), A Large Retailer (Ronin Press) as well as a collaborative experiment with Gary J. Shipley called Flavored Apocalypse (Strange Cage). Miller maintains an art blog via

Gary J. Shipley is the author of eight books of various sizes. His latest is forthcoming from Blue Square Press. He has published in Gargoyle, The Black Herald, Paragraphiti, elimae, >kill author, nthposition, 3:AM, and others. More details can be found at

MF Nagel

[No bio provided]

Scott F. Parker

Scott’s writing has appeared in many venues, including WHOLE BEAST RAG’s “Chthonic” issue.

John Pistelli

John Pistelli is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota and he lives in Minneapolis.

William Reichard

William Reichard is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently Sin Eater (2010) and This Brightness (2007) both from Mid-List Press. He is the editor of the anthology American Tensions: Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice (New Village Press, 20111).

Shane Roeschlein

Shane Roeschlein is a writer, Caucasianish male Amerimutant. Dad guy. Riot enthusiast. Transmitter. Author of graphic novel Caustic Soda – A Year Future Narco Romance. Chief propagandist for San Diego post-punk collective, Does It Explode. His texts have appeared in the Journal of Experimental Fiction, Pacific Review and Fiction International and also online at He was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Fiction. Short, controlled bursts available on twitter @andaluciabomber.

Ratty St. John

Ratty St. John is a barely-legal navel-gazer hailing from the SF Bay. Publishing credentials include Diagram and Metazen. Keep abreast of the bastard here:

Ticky Sowdenham

Ticky Sowdenham is a Minneapolis native whose Minneapolis roots can be traced back 5 generations. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2006 where she studied writing. She is working on a series of e-books entitled Daisy’s Erotic Adventures in Time. They are available on

Kimberly Ann Southwick

Kimberly Ann Southwick is the founder and editor in chief of Gigantic Sequins, a literary arts journal. Visit to observe its full splendor. She lives in Philadelphia and teaches grammar and literature. Her poetry has been published by Barrelhouse, Big Lucks, Word Riot, PANK, decomP and elsewhere. She will be making her acting debut as an extra in the film ImagiGary. Follow her on twitter: @kimannjosouth.

Jonas Specktor

Dennis James Sweeney

Dennis recently had the luck to win the 2013 CutBank Chapbook Competition, and has other work coming out in wigleaf, Word For/Word, NANO Fiction, and Fractured West. He just moved to Corvallis, OR.

Sharlene Teo

Sharlene Teo is a Singaporean writer between places and spaces. Her work has previously appeared in Softblow, The Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Amelia’s Magazine and Glass amongst others. She currently serves as Fiction Editor for Notes from the Underground, and runs Strange Likeness, a blog of sporadically updated life writing.

Terrell Jamal Terry

Terrell Jamal Terry was born in Germany and raised in North Carolina and Texas. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in West Branch, Verse online, Sou’wester, dislocate, and TYPO, among other literary journals. He lives in South Seattle.

CJ Waterman

CJ has an MFA from the University of Notre Dame. Some recent work appears/ is forthcoming in Gobbet, Metazen, and Deluge.

Zack Woodard

Zack is an emerging writer out of Philadelphia. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University, and his work was recently published in Intellectual Refuge.

Sennah Yee

Sennah Yee is a Toronto screenwriting student. Though named after a racecar driver, she has yet to go behind a wheel. Her first chapbook THE AQUARIUM is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. Find her at